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Martina Bintari Dwihardiani

Martina Bintari Dwihardiani is a medical doctor who works extensively in public health, specifically tuberculosis. Beginning with a medical degree from Universitas Indonesia, she has journeyed for various missions with Médecins Sans Frontières France to many battle zones in Indonesia, Kenya, the Philippines, Timor Leste, Cambodia, Haiti, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Her interest in public health has grown since 2009, when she was a public health researcher at Universitas Gadjah Mada’s Center for Tropical Medicine. She continues her journey as a national professional officer for tuberculosis at WHO Office Indonesia and a consultant for the TB and HIV program at WHO Office Myanmar. Meanwhile, she completed her master’s degree in public health in disease control at the Prince Leopold Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, Belgium. At the moment, she works as a TB Active Case Finding Manager at Zero TB Yogyakarta.

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