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Rina Triasih

Rina Triasih is a doctor, academic, and researcher who focuses on tuberculosis and pediatric health. She started her education at Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, where she got her medical degree and continued her first specialty, pediatrics. Her journey in pursuit of education consists primarily of trips between Indonesia and Australia.

She completed her medical master’s degree at the University of Melbourne before returning to Indonesia to obtain her second specialty, which was also pediatrics. She once more earned her doctorate from the University of Melbourne. Additionally, she was a Research and Clinical Fellow in the Royal Children’s Hospital of Melbourne’s Department of Respiratory Medicine. She has received numerous research grant awards and collaborations, including the Zero TB Partnership with the Burnet Institute in Melbourne, for which she is the Principal Investigator, and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade project Papua New Guinea and the Republic of Indonesia Micro-Elimination of Tuberculosis, for which she is the site Principal Investigator. She also edited and contributed to seven books in addition to publishing 35 academic papers. She has received several awards, one of which was the Youngest Researcher Award, which was given out at the 12th National Congress of Child Health and the 11th Asean Pediatric Federation Conference, both of which were held in Indonesia in 2002.

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