Project Description

IDAMS – International Research Consortium on Dengue Risk Assessment, Management and Surveillance

Dengue fever, an infectious disease spread by the Aedes mosquito, has placed a significant strain on the healthcare system in endemic countries such as Indonesia. Early detection of dengue is critical for improving case management and making the best use of limited health resources. However, making an accurate diagnosis of dengue before any complications arise is difficult, especially in healthcare settings with limited resources. Late intervention may result in death and increase the likelihood of dengue outbreaks.


Partnering Countries


2011 – 2017

Principal Investigator

Ida Safitri Laksanawati

The IDAMS project was a collaboration of experts from nineteen research institutions around the world, including Indonesia. The study’s goal was to improve dengue diagnosis and clinical management. Previous clinical and laboratory parameters, as well as viral and immunological markers, must be identified. Within three days of fever onset, this will aid in distinguishing dengue from other common feverish illnesses. Identify any available features that predict the likelihood of progressing to a more severe disease course. IDAMS has published 52 journal articles, five book chapters, and two reports.


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