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ResearchImplementation research (IR) can play a critical role in improving the delivery of disease control interventions. There is growing interest in building on IR training, such as cours-es or workshops, to practice the skills gained. In 2021, TDR was proposed to run as a pilot scheme to incorporate a research grant into the MOOC IR training course. This enables participants in SEAR countries who have developed sound research letters of intent to put these research ideas into practice.

As a pilot scheme, the Regional Training Center (RTC-UGM), supported by TDR in South-East Asia Region (WHO/SEAR), has run a MOOC session in the second half of May 2021. A total of 209 people took part in the course, with 104 completing all of the critical tasks and assignments and receiving a certificate of completion. A peer-to-peer review was identified as the 20 best Letters of Intent developed at the end of the MOOC for a research project related to NTDs. The ten best participants received a MOOC Grant through competitive external evaluation to conduct the research project.

As seen from the participants’ enthusiasm for the MOOC pilot scheme, the sustainability of this program is needed. Therefore, the RTC-UGM designed the MOOC on Implemen-tation Research 2022 for SEAR countries and the Western Pacific Region (WHO/WPR). The MOOC session will be held in April-June 2022 for countries in WHO/SEAR and WHO/WPR. Like the previous year, in this MOOC, a peer-to-peer review will identify the 20 best letters of intent for a research project related to NTDs. Once again, through com-petitive external evaluation, the 5 best proposals will be selected this year for those par-ticipants to receive a “MOOC Grant” and enable the research project implementation.





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Yodi Mahendradhata

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