Project Description

Strategi Nasional (STRANAS) Penanggulangan Dengue 2021 – 2025

There has been a neverending battle with dengue fever in Indonesia. For five decades, dengue has persisted as a threat throughout the country. The 2020 Ministry of Health report mentioned that around a hundred thousand people got dengue fever, with the number of death reaching 661 people.

It is not that the government and related stakeholders sit idle in addressing this disease. Many policies, regulations and programs have included dengue as priorities, such as The National Medium-Term Development Plan for 2020-2024. As mentioned in this plan, the government targets more than 90% of districts/cities to have less than 49 cases per 100,000 population in 2024.




January – July 2021

Principal Investigator

Adi Utarini

Activities were designed to achieve the target, yet more comprehensive and collaborative measurements are needed. Thus, CTM UGM, the Indonesian Ministry of Health, and WHO Indonesia work together to compile a guideline conducting preventive and disease control actions, surveillance systems and case management through intersectoral collaboration. The local government, non-governmental organizations, and institutional experts participated in intersectoral discussions and literature reviews. After six months, the team came out with six strategies implemented in 2021-2025 (as seen from the picture above). By implementing those six strategies, Indonesia is optimistic about achieving the zero dengue death target by 2030.

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