Project Description

TDR Global Regional Training Center Promoting and Creating TDR Global Community across South East Asia

TDR Global is a global community of scientists and professionals who have collaborated with TDR on poverty-related infectious diseases research. TDR and its community have been dedicated to fighting poverty-related diseases for over 40 years. TDR believes that collaboration among scientists and experts will enhance the knowledge they bring to TDR Global. TDR Global, which shares the same values, provides opportunities for young scientist mentorship while encouraging research collaborations.

TDR Global has been assisting the Regional Training Center (RTC) in promoting the TDR Global Community throughout South East Asia since 2019. Between 2019 and 2021, RTC documented TDR alumni across Asia, hosted a research mentorship contest and webinars, and helped TDR Global members establish good communication and relationships. The goal is for the Asia TDR Global community to connect, share knowledge, and collaborate in research to combat infectious disease in poverty.




2022 – present

Principal Investigator